This magnificent house is now being completed at Killcare on the NSW Central Coast.

Our clients,  wanted a beach/holiday house for their extensive family and selected a beachfront site only metres from high water mark.

The entire house is framed in re-cycled, aged hardwood timber which will require very little on-going maintenance, and gives the house a natural weathered look in keeping with the beach location.

All materials and finishes have been selected and specified for long life and low maintenance in a highly saline environment:

Roofing is aluminium waveline.
All structural timbers are aged re-cycled hardwood supplied by Australian Architectural Hardwoods
Weatherboard cladding is aged hardwood.
All bolts & fixings are stainless steel.
Paving is natural stone
Flooring is wire brushed recycled hardwood
Decking is aged and caulked hardwood

Construction by Blair Build under Matt Blair’s control & supervision.

The Killcare house is an appropriate model for low maintenance beach houses designed to cope with hard usage by tribes of wet sandy children and to provide sheltered sunny spaces year round.

A careful balance has been achieved between sleeping areas, internal living rooms, and spacious sunny verandahs on both levels overlooking the ocean The landscaping, designed by Michael Cooke, is now being completed using a selection of colourful and salt -tolerant species.

Our wonderful clients are planning their first summer at Killcare.